The noise made by humming and flipping your finger back and forth across your lips. Usually used to express an opinion that one finds something or someone to be a lunatic, crazy, or out of touch with reality.
After hearing how the Tea Party wants to start a class action lawsuit against gays, all I could do was thib.
by SLThought October 19, 2013
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Acronym for Turning Head In Bathroom Stalls
This is an act of misguided and slightly homosexual curiosity. It usually takes place when one man is using a stall next to another man and decides to turn his head. Regardless of intentions, even if accidental, this act IS in fact gay.
Asian man uses urinal
Black man arrives and uses adjacent urinal
Asian man turns head due to subconscious insecurity of the size of his cock.
Black man: Yo, why you thibs?
by Twoballsjackson November 1, 2010
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When you’re raw dogging your neighbors wife and it slips out so you ram your meat stick in her ass and it causes explosive diarrhea then you take it out and shove it down her throat till her gag reflex triggers and she pukes on it.
Her pussy was so wet my meat kept slipping out so I gave her a stinky Mike Thib pickle.
by MikeThib June 1, 2019
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A fine ass darskin that is from that deaux. Girls from everywhere want him, especially assumption girls. He is faithful and caring to his lover.
That dee from thib. is sure a fine fella, that girl is lucky to have him.
by Ayo jayy December 23, 2016
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The act of holding a hot piece of food on your tongue or between your teeth as you blow in and out to cool it off and not burn your mouth Derived from “To Hot It’s Burning” THIB.
I bit Into the chicken, it was so hot i was thibbing

I always Have to thib the first bite of pizza
by Misfitmomma January 15, 2019
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