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The grey fox is a heroic thief king in the area of Rive de bois, in the north-eastern half of Gor.

He often dresses in dark grey and black, but on special occasions he may dress in a lighter grey. He is known to disguise himself as a large rock either along a rock face or an open rocky field.

He is also known to lose his temper very easily and has many ways of exactly revenge, inculding but not limited to, disguising himself as another person, hiring assassins, directing his cutthroat assistant to attack, poisoning food and drinks, setting traps, luring to an ambush or coming after his foe with nothing more then a dagger.

He is described as being about 6', blue eyes, strong build, educated vocabulary, torvaldslandic accent and ALWAYS wearing light/dark grey and black clothing and mask/helmet.
Guardsman 1: I hear the grey fox has been sighted in Lara!

Guardsman 2: Yes, I have heard that as well and that he is after the Ubar's signet ring!

Guardsman 1: No, I heard he was after the trade logs in the scribery!

Warrior 1: Nay fools! He is after a slave girl, Jen Laa of Ar! They say she was his free companion when he was a free man!

The grey fox: NAY! It is I! The grey fox! I am after all three! The logs so I may change their destination along my ambush route! The ring to finalize it! And the girl, to be my companion once again! All to be the master of the thieves!
by Kal Denfu of Orghule. October 13, 2009
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