A phrase very similar to ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game.’ Usually used as a witty and self-aware justification of one’s own or someone else’s socially questionable actions, especially sexual encounters. Might also be said as ‘The game’s A game.”
Friend 1: “Yo, there’s no way you fucked Tom’s sister.”
Friend 2: “Listen, mate, the game’s the game.”
by Eugene the Muzz Lord August 23, 2021
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an inspiration quote designed to energise the gamer in your life
come on mate, gaming gaming gaming gaming, come on!
by tyhgtyhgt ok April 21, 2021
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Game is game is when you out play a motherfucker and they can’t do it like you 🤷🏾 ♂️
Blud: you gone take my girl like that?
Me:Game is Game blud🤷🏾 ♂️no fucks given
by Himothy James April 4, 2023
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when game, is just game.
uh, she’s unconscious?
game is game🤷🏻
by sam the slutty slut June 16, 2023
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It stems from oves such as the lebron gjames and the steph curry, and replace th i with the g with the second one, and just remeober, any conest is good conset.

Games is game.
Man 1: Yo you should lebron that girl
Man 2 : Game is Game
Man 3: Gaming!
by quillowp May 5, 2023
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Game Recognizes Game: {Concept}Is the idea that two Players, see playa, of unequal respect when meeting, will recognize and even pay homage to the player of greater respect.
When I went to a bar in Hollywood, I ran into Hugh Hefner. I had to give him props. Any player would know that, Game Recognizes Game.
by SammymatiK May 6, 2008
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To have "game" is to attract people of the opposite sex. Game recognize game is when a person who has game, can see it in another, like a playa knows another player when he sees one.
by Jonathan Dack October 23, 2004
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