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The sexual act described in Trina's song "Look Back at Me". The act begins by having sexual intercourse with the girl on top, facing the guy. The girl then switches to reverse cowgirl. The change in positions is done without the removal of the penis from the vagina.

"I know how to fuck, I know how to ride, I can spin around and keep the dick still inside."
Lo'Cquacious: Guess what?
Dehluh'Quiishaa: What?
Lo'Cquacious: Last night I perfected The Trina!!
Dehluh'Quiishaa: No you didn't. Really? And his dick stayed in the whole time?
Lo'Cquacious: Yes it did. That boy was pleased.
Dehluh'Quiishaa: I'm so proud of you!
Lo'Cquacious: Trina would be proud too.
by Dehluh'Quiishaa May 04, 2010
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