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There Are No Rules!
negra:do ya wanna go for intimate picnic down by the riverside?
drago:nein,i'd rather not bother with all that romantic bullshit and just fuck you now!
negra:you're sick motherfucker.
the rules of attractions,fuck you all very much.
by mohair June 13, 2007
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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My favorite movie and one of the most unique, memorable films I've ever seen.

"The Rules of Attraction" is about rich kids, drugs, partying and a glimpse into college life. Since I've unfortunately known people just like this, it definitely scored with me. From beginning to end, this movie is fascinating and I couldn't pull myself away from it. Each scene is great and its a rare film that doesn't bore you. Its a very black comedy yet in many ways it hits on quite a few real issues. Sean is the main character, a drug dealing sociopathic character who falls for a virgin named Lauren who has a boyfriend named Victor. All the while Paul is in love with Sean. It sounds like a simple plot, but in the hands of Roger Avary its compelling. The backwards scenes, the suicide scene, the parties and the character interaction is disturbing yet intriguing. Of course, the book is better but that is generally the case. Still, I liked this better than "American Psycho" for some reason. It just seemed sadly real to me.
My favorite scenes are obnoxious Richard at the restaurant, Sean's excuse to Lauren for sleeping with her friend, the guy going on a debauched trip across Europe and his weird face to face moment with Lauren and the hospital scene.

This is a movie that isn't for everyone. Its a black comedy, but its peopled with strange characters and scenes that will stay with you long after. I loved it!
Sean Bateman: Lauren wait, Lauren... Hey, hey Lauren

Lauren: Oh My God!

Sean Bateman: Can we talk?

Lauren: NO!

Sean Bateman: Lauren don't walk away. HEY! I really did try to kill myself... just before I faked it.

Lauren: Wow Sean, it's over.

Sean Bateman: No it's not!

Lauren: Ya it is, I'm in love with somebody else.

Sean Bateman: Who?

Lauren: My old boyfriend Victor. Plus its none of your fucking business.

Sean Bateman: Victor?

Lauren: Ya.

Sean Bateman: What, then why the fuck did you write me those letters?

Lauren: Wow. Deal with it Sean it's over, Rock and Roll.

Sean Bateman: Lauren I want to know you

Lauren: What does that mean know me, know me, nobody ever knows anybody else, ever! You will never know me.

Victor: I meet two underage Italian girls who I try to talk into fucking each other while I jack off onto them. I end up buying them some ice cream instead.

The Rules Of Attraction
by solbiato_asap November 29, 2011
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the best movie ever! im soo glad the sexiest guy ever told me about it. james vanderbeek's all up in it! actually there are alot of famous people in it! DUH!! its a freakin movie dorkwad!!! sheesh you should be paddlewomped for that! fo snizzle!!
-man didja catch "the rules of attraction" last night! it was freakin awesome!!
-ya man fo snizzle! that movie kicks ass!!
-word homie!
by Bess_Carmichael February 22, 2004
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