The political left supports and strives for social equality and egalitarianism and exists in many forms such as republicanism (small r, y'all, think of Ireland & France), social democracy (capitalism with benefits), communism ("My wife has been going to the Party’s cooking school for three years," says one Soviet man to another. "She must really cook well by now," says the second man. "No, so far they've only got as far as the bit about the Twentieth CPSU Congress."), anarchism (fun fact: ancaps are about as anarchist as the DPR Korea is a democratic republic or Donald Trump a Christian) and socialism (like Obama, jk, more like George Orwell, Martin Luther King Jr. and Albert Einstein) for instance.

Moreover, the political left is chiefly associated with the civil rights movement, feminist movement, LGBT movement, environmentalism and anti-war movement and responsible for much of the shape of modern society.

However, it should be noted that there have been occasionally conservatives supporting those as well (e.g.: the ÖDP party in Germany is a green conservative party, conservative monarchist Otto von Bismarck privately opposing criminalization of gay activity, conservative fiscal conservatives opposed the Iraq War, and some conservatives such as Booker T. Washington, which also laid the foundations for the civil rights movement,).
''Even though the political left is expected to lose the presidential elections in Portugal in January 2021 against popular conservative incumbent and academic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, due to Portugal being a parliamentary republic the political left still remains in charge with the minority government being composed by the Socialist Party and its Prime Minister António Costa.
by Kurt Eisner January 12, 2021
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A populist political movement with bigotry as it's cornerstone.
"No mate, I think all people should enjoy the same legal rights, regardless of their race, gender, or any other way you choose to classify. That's the basis of a a free and fair society. You're telling me the Political Left believes we should discriminate?"

"You racist sexist trans-homo-phobe!! That's racist because it denies racial inequality and cancels out people's race as their primary identity. It's sexist because it does not provide for special privileges equating to empowerment for women. It's trans and homo - phobic because it allows for freedom of association, and people may not want to associate with someone for whatever reason, including that they don't like the way their breath smells. And the person in question might be trans or homosexual!! Fascist!!
by DefiningIt November 20, 2020
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The Political Left is a side of the political spectrum on the scale of political beliefs, they usually tend to be more towards freedoms in the market, the economy, the social structure of the world and other social issues. It draws many similarities to Islam, as their are some of the Greatest people to ever be in a political spotlight, and there are also some terrible people that should just stop trying. Divided into 2 sects

Sect 1: Dems- The Dems, or Democrats, are people that usually believe in hard work and equality. Originally started as the working mans pony of racism and oppression, evolved into a force of good for the society of America

Sect 2: Extremists: The extremists are a 'blanket' of people on the scale. Although they label themselves with good people, they are often the most unstable and dangerous people to ever debate an issue. Profoundly made up of millenials and church outreach groups outside of the Midwest, they refuse to accept facts that don't agree with their political psych
Obama and Bill are great, But Hillary is a Demogauge for the Political Left. Not good, she fits right into Sect 2.
by Colonel_Shrek February 23, 2017
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Another name for leftists, but also includes anarchists who don't consider themselves leftists. Anyone who is anti-capitalist is a member of the true political left. The true political left includes socialists, marxists, anarchists, etc.

The term is used to distinguish from the political left, which varies by countries and their politics and often includes capitalists who are not far right, and include anarchists who may not consider themselves leftists. The true political left refers to the pure economic horizontal axis of the most common ideology map, the political compass, where any ideology left of the center is anti-capitalist.
American conservatives and reactionaries love to rail on about how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are puppets of the radical left. Meanwhile the United states hasn't had a prominent politician from the true political left since before the first red scare in the 1910s. Bernie Sanders' policies aren't even socialist, they're that of social democracy.
by leftistmonke November 25, 2020
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The Political Left is a political way of thinking. This label has been created in the 1789 in France and it describes the set of positions qualified as equalitarist and progressive. It's diametrically opposed to The Political Right
The political left fights for the legalisation of gay's marriage.
by haveanopinion,alwaysquestion November 8, 2018
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