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The political left supports and strives for social equality and egalitarianism and exists in many forms such as republicanism (small r, y'all, think of Ireland & France), social democracy (capitalism with benefits), communism ("My wife has been going to the Party’s cooking school for three years," says one Soviet man to another. "She must really cook well by now," says the second man. "No, so far they've only got as far as the bit about the Twentieth CPSU Congress."), anarchism (fun fact: ancaps are about as anarchist as the DPR Korea is a democratic republic or Donald Trump a Christian) and socialism (like Obama, jk, more like George Orwell, Martin Luther King Jr. and Albert Einstein) for instance.

Moreover, the political left is chiefly associated with the civil rights movement, feminist movement, LGBT movement, environmentalism and anti-war movement and responsible for much of the shape of modern society.

However, it should be noted that there have been occasionally conservatives supporting those as well (e.g.: the ÖDP party in Germany is a green conservative party, conservative monarchist Otto von Bismarck privately opposing criminalization of gay activity, conservative fiscal conservatives opposed the Iraq War, and some conservatives such as Booker T. Washington, which also laid the foundations for the civil rights movement,).
''Even though the political left is expected to lose the presidential elections in Portugal in January 2021 against popular conservative incumbent and academic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, due to Portugal being a parliamentary republic the political left still remains in charge with the minority government being composed by the Socialist Party and its Prime Minister António Costa.
by Kurt Eisner January 12, 2021
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