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A town in Indiana, specifically in the Southern region, with Four (or five, if you count a church) schools, that sucks. It has no history except for an extremely vital Ammo plant and a bunch of stuck up arrogant "athletes" that get scholarships to IU and Notre Dame until they fuck it up and get arrested.
Stay the fuck away from Charlestown, because the only places near it are Selersburg, Jeffersonville, and Otisco.
by Colonel_Shrek February 16, 2017
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The Political Left is a side of the political spectrum on the scale of political beliefs, they usually tend to be more towards freedoms in the market, the economy, the social structure of the world and other social issues. It draws many similarities to Islam, as their are some of the Greatest people to ever be in a political spotlight, and there are also some terrible people that should just stop trying. Divided into 2 sects

Sect 1: Dems- The Dems, or Democrats, are people that usually believe in hard work and equality. Originally started as the working mans pony of racism and oppression, evolved into a force of good for the society of America

Sect 2: Extremists: The extremists are a 'blanket' of people on the scale. Although they label themselves with good people, they are often the most unstable and dangerous people to ever debate an issue. Profoundly made up of millenials and church outreach groups outside of the Midwest, they refuse to accept facts that don't agree with their political psych
Obama and Bill are great, But Hillary is a Demogauge for the Political Left. Not good, she fits right into Sect 2.
by Colonel_Shrek February 23, 2017
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