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Similar to doggy style, the boar while having sex (which he probably paid for) with the sow in mud and fecal matter then starts talking dirty to the sow and slaps her in her curly tail saying "Oh yeah, you like that filthy swine!" The sow freaked out tries to run from the boar but she is single hoofudly subdued. As he places his truffle locator to the wind and his shamefully proportioned pork loin ins the sow's shop vac sized vaginal cavity (works wet or dry). He scents a oncoming squad car. His hooves beats a disgraceful retreat but the boar is effortlessly subdued in a Hardees parking lot. The pig demands to know the boars middle name. Inevitably the boar relinquishes his embarrassingly retarded yet incredibly ironic middle name, 'barnyard'. In hysterical disbelief the pig requests the boar to reiterate his answer. With tears streaking down his mud caked cheeks the boar repleted even louder and more disgracefully "BARNYARD!" With dispatch and the pig holding their bellies with laughter the boar contemplates suicide for the third time today. So ends the daring, yet tragically doomed, sexual maneuver known only as the 'piglet'.
Daniel just struggled but eventually laid back and accepted a the piglet from Jon! What the fuck?
by The Real Niggers' Pope September 01, 2008
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