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When a male is in the process of making out with a female, after one or two kisses the said male promptly pulls his face away, whips out his dick, and begs the female for fellatio in a half desperate, half forceful/demanding matter thus terrorizing her whether she ends up blowing him or not. A Lebanese kid with no game was the first to attempt it (hence the name hezbollah)
Isaac the Lebonese kid: lets make out
michelle: ok
*one kiss*
*Isaac whips out his dick*
michelle: what the fuck are you doing????
Isaac: please suck it.....PLEASEEEEE. C'mon its already out. dont make me put it away. trust me you don't want me to put it away........... JUST FUCKING SUCK IT YOU WHORE!!!!
michelle: stop trying to pull The Hezbollah on me. your terrorizing me with that dinky wink
by slamminsammy June 22, 2010
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