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One of the best schools in the world with the #1 ranking by the Princeton Review in AP CompSci, AP Psych, AP Chem, and AP Calc BC/Multivariate Calc.

Dumb bitches who wrote those other 2 definitions, you guys were probably just too stupid to get in.

Also happens to cost fricken $42,000 a year.

Absolutely beautiful campus with a $25 million building, Nichols Hall, the first gold-LED building in all of Santa Clara County.
"Heey, look at that Harker kid! He goes to THE HARKER SCHOOL!"

"Whoaa, his first car is a Bentley and he also took AP Calc BC in 8th grade -___-"

by Helllooo:)! September 14, 2010
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1. world reknowned (at least known to all the obviously smart people who make more money than you do because you didn't care about an education and its not my fault that you now live the way you do!)private school that is very expensive but worth the cost
2. a (not the) school with many many many indian people
3. home (at one time) to all the Harkee's
4. one of the many schools that are better than evhs or silver creek (they don't deserve to have their letters capitalized)
I am proud to be a white person that goes to The Harker school.
by Pyro Jim October 13, 2004
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a place where everyone takes calc bc by 10th grade or you're considered dumb
Public Schooler: Taking Calc BC junior year guys!
Friends: Congrats!
The Harker School average Kid: .............I took that in 7th grade. By freshman year I was taking advanced topics like differential equations, linear algebra, college geometry, etc. loser.
by geezsmartkids October 30, 2011
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A world "reknowned" school that does not teach very much. As you can see by from the posting of the snobby, retard child who was fooled into a thinking he was getting a good education above, The Harker School is nothing more than a place for the monetarily well off who want to spend their money on a good-looking fog. Not only does The Harker School try to make itself look better by creating math competitions that involve no genius, but instead involve the knowledge of simple higher level concepts that are taught only at The Harker School. Alas, the world is is too blinded by the belief that money is directly related to quality. I went to a public school, and I'm probably smarter than 99.99% of the alumni and attendees of The Harker School.
"Hey that slut goes to THE Harker School! She probably doesn't know how to spell renowned."

"I pay a guy who graduated from The Harker School to mow my lawn because he dropped out of Stanford when he found out money couldn't buy you grades everywhere."

"Did you hear? The Harker School has a bus for its shit basketball team...3 people ride on it: the coaches and the bus driver."
by iHateTHEHarkerSchool November 20, 2008
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The Harker School is a reknowned money hungry school. Known for the mi changs that go there or the other many nationalities that become white washed there. People who go here usually have stupid families, but because they are so rich and stupid (definition of the guy above) they do not care that all that money could actually help feed starving people. Those who reject this and say they do help less fortunate people are just lieing to themselves because we all know they are just doing it so they can go to a more expensive school in the future.
Be smart and go to a good public school like EVHS, Silver Creek, or many others and donate the money you would've used if you went to Harker to homeless shelters.

The guy above is such a stereotype mi chang.

The Harker School removes all cultural identity from those who go there and make them mi chang.
by EVHS Student December 11, 2005
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