The most excellent historical/literary indie rock/pop band that ever hit the airwaves. Led by frontman Colin Meloy, they constantly deliver songs that take us to worlds long gone to the sound of witty lyrics and perhaps a bit of polka or metal to back it up.
Ignorant Non-Creative Guy: What're you listening to?

Me: The Tain, by The Decemberists

Ignorant Non-Creative Guy: What the hell's that? All I know is that no one around me listens to it, so I shouldn't either. Everyone knows that musical taste isn't what you think sounds good, it's what other people tell me SHOULD sound good.

Me: **slaps forehead** Well then I'm telling you that it sound good and you should listen to it. In fact you WILL listen to it, or I WILL shove your #$@!ing damned Green Day®™© CD up your little ultra-conformist ass.
by Arrianus January 25, 2006
A band with a cult following. Members torture their friends by insisting that it is the greatest music ever. This is not true. It's not musically interesting and does not rock at all.
Cultist: "The Decemberists are awsome! This is the greatest song ever! Just listen to the lyrics!"
Friend: "This sucks my ass!"
by Muffinpatch July 23, 2011
A fairly unheard of band. They include an 'Anti-War' message in most of their songs and put a touch of Ska lyrics into their usually Indie Style music. They are a fairly good band, but the lyrics anger many people.
Hey did you hear that new song by The Decemberists? It seemed to really highlight anti-war messages. I don't really like them.
by Lance Tupac October 7, 2007
mad band named after a russian party division of the first world war. They're awesome, have three full length albums, one "The Tain EP" (in a class by itself), and one more EP.
Anonymous: How come that person in headphones is dancing like an epileptic?
by burningofthemidnightlamp April 11, 2005
A genre-transcending band one must actually hear to fully appreciate. Like a runaway train engineered by ragtag poets overfond of spinning literary anachronisms into exultant ballads.
Pure joy.
Have you heard of The Decemberists?
Their music makes my nipples hard.
They are that good.
by Dovetchka December 23, 2005
The Decemberists are one of the best indie rock/folk bands out there. Keep an eye out for their soon to be released album "Picaresque". It has "The mariners revenge" track, which is possibly the best lyrical song ever written.
You: Hey, I'm bored of my music, got a recomendation?
Me: Check out the Decemberists, they're amazing.
You: K, thanks.
by Neal March 22, 2005