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Band, offset of the Eels. White Rap from a depressed guy. Not Eminem, thats for sure; hella lot more effects.
Disaffected Youth One:Dude! i just got an album by McHonkey!
Disaffected Youth Two: Woah. Thats really racist. You should be shot.
Disaffected Youth Three: The Band, dickweed.
D. Y. 2: Oh. Rave on.
by burningofthemidnightlamp December 10, 2004
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Incredible post hardcore, godfathers of emo. Jeremy Enigk screams his lungs out for our own enjoyment. Dan Hoerner=godhead. When Nate Mendel quit, they died-he invented the rad bass licks of the nineties. And W. Goldsmith, the drummer, is so RAW.

Albums to get-Diary, LP2, How it feels to be something on

Too bad they broke up.
Burningofthemidnightlamp: Emo is so lame. But i love old emo; like sunny day real estate, they rock.
Punkrudeloser:Yeps. Emo is lame. Why does it remind you of real estate? thats just creepy.
Burningofthemidnightlamp:...intolerant fuck.
by burningofthemidnightlamp December 07, 2004
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