Widely considered the pinnacle of sexual positions, The Craig consists of the female cowgirling her man amidst his defecation while high on MDMA.
"Hey man, how was your night?"
"Oh dude it was incredible; when I got home, the wife whispered she had a surprise for me and beckoned me inside with the crook of her finger. She pulled me in close, and proceeded to drop an E on my tongue as she dropped one on hers. 30 minutes later, we're back on the hotseat, doing The Craig."
(Jaw drops in envious admiration)
"You know, there's a word they have for those who have done The Craig. Heroes."
"Dude I just threw out the rest of my bucket list, just don't feel like I need it anymore."
by nrwftr April 23, 2013
Step #1- Find a married guy with a wife
Step #2- Seduce him (fuck his brains out) and make him divorce his wife
Step #3- Marry him
Step #4- Call him Gay and divorce him
Extra points if you can take half of what he owns.
I can't believe mark divorced his wife only to get the craig in the end.
by Cannonbomb10 January 16, 2019
The last bit of a bowlpack of mary jane.

The last bit of a bowlpack that gets sucked theough the pipe.

The last hit of a bowl that tastes terrible, or is mostly of ash.
"Should I throw the craig out."

"You gave me the craig!"
by MassholeMary March 25, 2017
To get craiged,
To be craig,
Craig david,
To be craig.
To take copious amounts of craig and turn into craig. Usually on a friday or saturday night and or both including sunday morning

Nick says "Hey jase lets get craiged tonight"
Jase says " i already am craig"
Nick says "i am craig as well "
Craig says" i am walking away "
by lowi February 4, 2014
Guy 1 :"Hey man are you a greg"
Guy 2:"nah im a craig"
Guy 1 :"then yoy shall perish
by Bablinga August 13, 2020
A sweet and quiet guy that you’ve known forever and would think to be timid and shy that turns out to be the best dickin’ you’ve ever had...
My week was horrible until I got to see Craig. That boy knows his way around a woman....
by NurseAngela January 26, 2019
A mischievous and very open person. He is not afraid to speak about his opinions and morals. You will always enjoy a time with a Craig around. A Craig is also generally athletic, hardworking and many ladies even view him as handsome.
How the heck did Craig do that?
by Geborene konig November 25, 2018