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The subtance you smoke when there is no pot available at all.
This material is derived from cleaning out the stem or pipe of a used bong.
The colour of Black shit is black and it smells like shit.
Black shit is only smoked in desperation.
"Hey, u got any pot man?"
"Nah bro only just got this"
"What the fuck is this smelly shit?"
"It's Black shit bro"
"Fuck smokin dat shit aye"
by superMick February 5, 2009
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The enormous shit you have to take on the day after your huge Thanksgiving Day meal, which is Black Friday.
John: Hey man, did you get any good deals on Black Friday?

Gary: No man, I was going to, but I suddenly had to take a huge Black Friday shit.
by DMAc94 November 29, 2009
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The thing you wish would happen after a really awkward moment, like you could just pull something out of your pocket and make everyone there forget everything.
Totally fell on my face at school the other day, so embarrassing. I wish I could've men and black that shit.
by Justin.Farrr March 3, 2015
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Black People Shit, often abbreviated as "B.P.S", refers to stereotypical activities, that are often of a criminal nature, committed by African Americans that non-black people become involved through random circumstances in that they have no experience of handling.

NOTE: If a non-African American willingly chooses to commit in said stereotypical activities that are often of a criminal nature with African Americans, it does not make it Black People Shit. Rather, it simply just makes it crime. Black People Shit is only used when the non-African American simply ends up in the situation.
*Driving around town with a car full of black people, one white guy in the car*

Black person: Oh, shit man, I gotta make a stop.
White guy: Cool, cool, no biggie.
Black person: Aight, sweet. Oh, by the way, can you hold this while I run inside of this house?
White guy: The fuck, is this a gun?!
Black person: Yeah, and I don't come out in ten minutes, come in blasting.
White guy: Man, Black People Shit.
by HenchyWorldPeace January 11, 2013
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A name dedicated to what comes out of the mouths of BLM members.
I saw Black Nasty Long Shit Fart Stank Poo Ass Nasty Diarrhea Matter coming from that BLM member's mouth.
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