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Modern blues band consisting of Dan Auerbach (guitarist/vocalist) and Patrick Carney (drummer) from Akron Ohio. Their music sounds just as amazing live if not better than their albums. They don't quite feel retro or especially arcane. Their music is dirty, grungy, noisy, swampy blues with a lot of soul.

They were first signed when college dudes with Polo shirts and sandals on were walking straight out of the a club in Oxford Mississippi while The Black Keys were playing. They knew that the guys from Fat Possum (their record label) were also there which made The Black Keys extremely nervous. But later the guys from Fat Possum said that's how they test their bands - if everybody from Oxford walks out then they sign 'em (laughs).

The Black Keys will one day find their place in classic rock history if they already haven't with the fans they have today.
"Chip had to change his pants after The Black Keys concert."
by Chipward March 08, 2009
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