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The Big Lie is a propaganda technique whose invention is often falsely credited to Adolf Hitler (Hitler was not advocating the use of this technique but was in fact accusing Jews and Marxists of using it).

The basic idea is that the bigger a lie you tell, the more likely people will be to believe it, since it's difficult for them to accept that someone could tell a lie that huge with a straight face.
Jimmy has been spreading the Big Lie at school that his wang is 24 inches long.
by Crimson Executioner March 10, 2011
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A propaganda technique invented by Adoph Hitler. He said to sell your program to people, just tell them a big lie. The bigger and more improbable the lie, the better. Then keep telling the lie, over and over and over again. And finally, the people will believe it.
There are lots of big lies being told today in the USA.
Religious nuts say that god hates Faggots; That's a Big Lie. No body has talked to God and asked his opinion. And one verse from the Bronze ages should not be a basis to running a nation.

Conservatives say liberals are out to get their guns, that they're going to come disarm everyone. That's a Big Lie! Conservative Leaders only say that as a talking point because they know their followers fear it because guns allow them to scare those who don't agree with them, to compensate for their small dicks and to make up for their massive inferiority complex.

Conservatives say all homeless people are bums and crackheads. Then they plead for less services expecting that this will solve the homeless problem. his is a Big Lie. Not all homeless people are bums! And leaving them to starve will just mean they will break into houses and steal more, and if there's enough of them not even your gun will matter.

Conservatives say taxes need to be lowered. That is a Big Lie. Conservatives always lower taxes, same way as a Baboon scratches its ass. It's just their reaction to every situation.
Conservatives say that women belong in the kitchen. That's a Big Lie, a bunch of sexist pap.
Don't listen to the Big Lie! Tell the Conservatives and the Religious nuts to blow it out their ass, you're not going to listen to their lies.
by Anti-RWT June 26, 2010
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