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One of the most funniest and greatest internet ppl ever since the dance revolution thing. The Angry Video game nerd is a character played by James Rolfe, who reviews games from the 80s that are just god awful. He really helps you with what games you shouldn't play, even if it looks good to play, if he reviews them, it fucking sucks.
He.s funny, hes awsome, and so much better than that, emo fuck faggot of a fuck Chris Cock(suc)ker. "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" Shut up! If he only knew
The Angry Video Game Nerd uses such hilarious words like, cockadookie and bullfuck, he would rather eat the rotten asshole of a skunk than play, wolly bear, he's got balls. Crocker is just balls, or ballsucker.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008
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