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The Joey Effect is when a young girl (under the age of 15), Does ERP online with a guy over 18 , and the guy is unaware that the girl is underage. But a while after the guy will find out, and talk about legal trouble. the girl will then block and ghost him. after that the girl will probably have PTSD everytime they ERP with someone online.
Girl: "holy shit I just ERPed with this guy online and he found out im underage! is he gonna track my IP and put me in juvie? or will he get arrested?!"

Friend: "i dunno but that's rough...sounds like The Joey Effect"
by electriceliza October 30, 2020
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A sexual Aura that comes off of Joey that drives all the girls wild, and thus making them want sex so bad female orgasms will always happen.
I just finished watching Friends on TV and i am so taken over by the Joey Effect right now.
by AriesNova July 13, 2009
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You begin using Joey’s peculiar slang, and start adapting to his childish mannerisms.


No Kizzy Cappy

“Bro” (bœ)

*throwing up gang signs*

Someone being upset or in pain, and he says: “its gonna be ok.” 👋

*Calling Maya “Mayaronie”*

Just in general giving people weird/fire nicknames🔥

*constantly dabbing people up or trying to*

always asking “ooooh are you guys datingg?” to two people of the opposite sex
Random person: My mom died. *cries*

Me: Danggg.

Maya: See Carson, thats “The ‘Joey’ Effect”
by yaemikosbdaytwin April 15, 2022
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