The wrong tree is bad but I heard the bark makes good kindling for fires.
by bushlight February 01, 2018
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Abbreviated version of "barking up the wrong tree" which means mistakenly looking for something in a place where it will not be found. Often used to decline a general invitation before it can be specifically directed towards you.
Person A: "I heard the cops were searching your brother's house for evidence."
Person B: "Yeah, wrong tree there."

(Person A approaches two of her roommates)
Person A: "Oh, I'm so glad I ran into you guys! I really need some help cleaning the apartment."
Person B: "Wrong tree."
by Toxic Shock! October 18, 2006
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Picking the wrong person, the most unlikely person, to do, listen, or accept something.
You're barking up the wrong tree if you think I want to become religious and go to church.
by Libertine October 10, 2005
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