Two in the Pink, two in the stink. Then begin to do the Vulcan greeting sign from Star Trek. Use your thumb for the clit.
Here comes the Vulcan.... Oh, you like it when Spock says hello, dont you!
by Hereitcomes September 18, 2006
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A tiny in town in Alberta, Canada. After 'Star Trek' became popular the town capitalized on the name coincidence. There's a ton of Star Trek stuff in this town - murals, a huge starship, a space station that doubles as the town visitor center.
Dude! I just went to Vulcan! They've got great burgers there.
by Tamara January 02, 2005
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To instruct someone to think logically and not to blinded by human emotion.
Paul: Danielle keeps messing me around bruv! what do u think i should do?

Josh: Be Vulcan
by Infidel_92 July 06, 2010
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The Vulcan is a sexual practice in which two fingers are placed in the vagina and the other two fingers on the same hand are placed in the anus with the hand doing the Vulcan sign as a result
Awww dude, this girl was so hot I took her home and gave her the Vulcan
by Neo1875 March 09, 2011
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An ancient race of humanoids from planet of the same name. Some famous Vulcans include Spock, Sarek, Surak, T'Pau. T'Pol' T'Pring
Dude, just go Vulcan when the cop catches up and pulls us over.
by Karl November 21, 2004
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A 20mm automatic cannon with a very high rate of fire (rof). Usually aircraft mounted.
I used the vulcan gun to mow down all of the innocent little chipminks.
by BlastMaster May 18, 2003
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To make the Vulcan "Live long and Prosper" hand salute, then inserting 2 fingers into the vaginal opening (normally the index and middle fingers), and 2 into the anus (rather than just 1, like the shocker). "2 in the pink, 2 in the stink". This is usually performed when she is laying back, in the "deep thrust" postion.
The Vulcan neck pinch is not half as powerful as the Vulcanizer, but much cleaner
by Capt'n Kirk July 24, 2009
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