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Yet another, slightly milder version of internet trickery (See: Meatspin, tubgirl, goatse and lemonparty) where a repeated clip is shown of a man lightly tapping his penis with a hammer.
by Some bro September 03, 2006
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A website featuring a looping image of a man repeateadly hitting his penis with a hammer, to a clip of the song "U Can't touch this" by MC hammer.
There is also a title of the page, reading "Welcome to the pounder".
The pounder is a shock site, designed to shock unsuspecting internet browsers thinking that the site is about something other than hitting your penis with a hammer.
the pounder AIM
- hey, check this out its funny
- oh my god! what the hell is that! oh my god! no that is so wrong i hate you i am scarred for life now that is wrong in so many ways
-lol, unlucky.
by +=howard=+ April 09, 2006
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