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When multiple men decide to compete for the most reputable of trophies, they suit up and anally mount their respective women, which serve the same purpose as dogs in the real iditarod. It is essential that the feet of the contenders never touch the ground and that they stay on their woman at all times.

At this point, a long hallway lined with willing males is formed. These men then begin masturbating furiously, ejaculating far into the air and creating the illusion of snow along with the unsure footing real snow provides. A
race is held from one end of the hallway to the other through a 'snowstorm' of epic proportions. The victor is crowned with the ejaculate of his opponents.
"Munch munch!!...I mean...mush!!" - said the Iditarod competitor.
by physicsisphun February 22, 2008
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