When you like someone but they only want to be friends
You se the space between boyfriend and boy friend that is what we call "the friend zone"
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by Purple tomato July 30, 2017
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When you get rejected and they only want to be friends. That's doesn't mean they think you are too nice :)
You: hey I like you. Wanna go on a date?
Her/him: no sorry. We can be friends tho
You have been put in the friend zone
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The friend zone is a made up concept, it was created by nice guys and girls in an attempt to downplay the person who turned them down. If you become friends with someone just so you can get in their pants, you are manipulating that person. When those people who believe the friend zone exist get rejected, they blow up and threaten the person who politely turned them down.
N.G =nice guy/girl
N.G: I love you anon
Anon: sorry n.g but Iā€™m (gay, taken, not interested, only see us as friends) I hope you understand...
N.G: oH wOw AnOn! I gIvE yOu AlL mY aTtEnTiOn AnD i TrEaTeD yOu NiCeLy By HoLdInG tHe DoOr OpEn FoR yOu! BuT nO! Iā€™m JuSt FrIeNd ZoNe MaTeRiAl! I hOpE yOu GeT (killed, abused, fired, kys) gOoDbYe BiTcH! tHaNkS fOr RuInInG mY sElF eStEeM bY pUtTiNg Me In ā€˜the friend zoneā€™
by Pooootaaaatoooooo June 26, 2020
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The term men use to delude themselves into thinking that they are being "too nice," because the woman with whom they want to have sex doesn't want to have sex with them.

In actuality, when a woman says she "just wants to be friends," it means that *she's* being too nice. She doesn't feel comfortable telling a guy that she does not find him sexually attractive, and she NEVER will. There is nothing a man can do or say to change this, and it's just creepy when he tries. Men who think they are in the friend zone sometimes use this delusion to justify trying to force a woman to have sex with them. The term is a sad relic of rape culture.

Men who think they are in "the friend zone" need to realize that "She's Just Not That Into You." They need to put on their big boy pants and go find someone who doesn't find them physically repulsive.
"I'm in the friend zone with Ashley."
"There's no such thing as a friend zone. Ashley doesn't want to fuck you, and she never will."
by SmarterThanThou May 28, 2013
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when a guy who is attracted to a girl spends too much time with her. This leads to the girl thinking that they are just friends, or in some extreme scenarios that he is a homosexual. The boy will usually keep spending time with her even after being repeatedly told by his friends to give up on her and move on. Pro Friend-Zoners can complete these actions with every girl they will ever come in contact with.

NOTE: not to be confused with Facebook "friending", which does not share any of the same consequences.
Jack: Yo, Ryan has gotten completely in The Friend-Zone with Daniella.

Andrew: For sure, she definitely thinks he a queer.
by WerdnaFarrshizzle December 02, 2011
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a place far more worse than hell
Guy: hey wanna go out we been friends since a year
Girl:no were just friends sorry!!
Devil: Sorry hell is full go to the Friend zone
by your fellow Urban abuser October 26, 2018
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The Friendzone is a space known by nice guys and incels as a term they often use when rejected by the uninterested party (often a woman). Sometimes the uninterested party is scared of other. The uninterested party often uses the term let's be friends to signal that they are uncomfortable around the party trying to get with them.

Nice guys and incels often use this term when they are upset at the uninterested party for "not giving them a chance"
Nice guy: Date me! Now!
Woman: Err, sorry, lets just be friends
Nice guy, later: How dare she put me into the friendzone! Don't she know how good of a person I am!? Of course she's going to go for the guy that abuses her!
by Cash Rabbit March 21, 2020
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