Used to describe a person online that acts in whatever fashion he desires and says whatever the fuck he wants. He will also do anything for attention. Do not trust this man. Ever. Or anyone he is affiliated with.
Damn, "The csm" just does whatever the fuck he wants.
by Cantseeme (csm) August 2, 2008
Short for "Client-Side Mod". Most applicable in online games such as Minecraft, where the player installs modifications to allow flight, no-clipping, x-ray and various others to gain an advantage over other players, usually to the other player's dismay.
player 1: "Dang man I got banned from that server."
player 2: "Not if you hadn't been using a CSM!"
by AnnoyedXbox360Guy July 13, 2011
An Acronym for "Can't Stop Me".

It is also a clan and slogan created by ChubbTheUnicorn. He has made it famous by repeatedly saying it on Xbox Live.

When the noobs ask what "CSM" means, respond by saying "I don't know. It's a secret.".
*Your team wins the game.
You: CSM BABY!! Can't Stop Me!! CSM!!
Noob: What does "CSM" mean?
You: I don't know. It's a secret.
by ChubbTheUnicorn January 17, 2012
A sexy overbite = Cock Sucker Mouth

Scott Baio did and interview on Howard Stern where he talked about the first time he met Beverly D'Angelo. During their conversation, he told her that he'd always though that she had a sexy overbite. She replied, "“I don't have an overbite. I have a cock suckers mouth.”
That woman has a sexy overbite. "Yeah, she's got an epic CSM."
by A0S April 10, 2014
A well-known Florida based company that hosts child modeling websites.
I saw something on the news about this a few weeks ago.
by LaurenG May 30, 2005
Cry Some More
"Can i haz admin?"
by JamesDaCool April 8, 2010
Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design. (Univerisity of the Arts London)

Central Saint Martins has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts and design in the country. It is, in essence, the complete arts College.

Through the work of staff and students, Central Saint Martins continues to build on the success of its past by pushing the boundaries of both the arts, performance and design practice, and of arts, performance and design education.

Students are encouraged to challenge the prevailing ethic and graduate as leaders and innovators. The College is determined to sustain and enhance quality to provide an unrivalled opportunity for students to select their career pathways, enabling them to realise their potential and make a significant contribution to the 21st century. We believe that our graduates - artists, performers and designers - have strategic roles to play in setting the agendas by which we shape our lives, not only now but in the future.

Central Saint Martins builds on the distinctive traditions of its four founding colleges: St Martin's School of Art, Central School of Art and Design, Drama Centre London and Byam Shaw School of Art. The College provides specialist education in fine art; fashion and textiles; communication design; media arts; 3D design including jewellery, ceramic, industrial and furniture design; theatre design and performance; and interdisciplinary art and design.

'which college r u in?'
'xxx col of art & design. how abt u?'
'oh, fuck that. i was rejected!! so r u doing fashion design'
'oh, fuck that. csm is not only famous for fashion!!'
by theperfumedgardern May 31, 2006