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An effect seen on Urban Dictionary, when the top 'Word of the Day" has more thumbs down than thumbs up. Typically caused by a troll's lack of understanding of a term, or hatred for the fact his term was not a Word of the Day.
"Wow! Farting at a Fan is a top word!

*Thumb down*

"Woah, this feels like The Urban Dictionary Effect.
by iamirontits November 08, 2011
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The Urban dictionary effect is
when you are searching urban dictionary, you become baffled when some definitions are surprisingly very good, politically correct, and contain actual fact.
Timmy: "dude, I was searching Urban dictionary last night and I saw the definition of Syria. It really touched me bro"


Timmy: "must be the urban dictionary effect"


Timmy: "shut up"
by Breesie November 20, 2013
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What happens when u'v replaced a social life for a computer, found this site then tried to reintroduce yourself back into society only to realize what u should've known in the first place...your a douche and no amount of "urban" lingo will ever change that!
Douche: Hey friend
Dudes: .......
Douche: I have this flirtationship I have to work on....later
Dude#1: What a fucking douche!
Dude#2: Its The Urban Dictionary Effect....Created a whole douche renaissance
Dude#1: *Takes his own life*

Dude#2 Now spends his days in Asia dodging std's and campaigning against the spread of douchyness with the popular campaign slogan "WTF". Through education and economic incentives all for the ultimate goal of reforming article 7 of the Rome Statue of the international criminal court to include Douchyness as a crime against humanity and therefore punishable by death.
by Fuzzworth2000 June 11, 2011
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The phenomenon where people take urban dictionary words seriously, when in reality, anyone can put anything on this site.
"Woah, I didn't know that word meant something so weird."
"Chillll Erica, your falling for the Urban Dictionary Effect."
by Treble1125 November 16, 2016
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