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A piss take of The Termintaor but with people that wear turbans hence the term Turbanator, Commonly referenced to a user of the PSN - TheTurbanator, Images Depict Asian guy with a turban rockin a gat. Images also use sun glasses or called "Stunnas" by TheTurbanator with the signature red dot on them from the terminator movies.
Hey man check out the turbanator over there!
oh shit it's the turbanator!
Duck son, it's the Turbanator!
Man i just got Turbanated!
by Nasatron April 14, 2008
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Osama bin laden.
Any man of mohammedian descent who wishes ill on 'infidels' and urges other followers of islam to destroy (turbanate) the western society
At least the hook handed turbanator is rotting in Belmarsh. Shit all hope of catching the real Turbanator though
by daily mail reader (obviously) November 19, 2004
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