"The Tube" was made up by Brandon DiCamillo, who frequently talks about it on Radio Bam. The Tube is a long, clear plastic tube. It is used in a competition where two people, preferably men, insert an end into each of their anuses. Then they both defecate. The winner is determined by whose feces comes out the other side.
by Jessica Mdizzle February 22, 2008
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A state of female sexual arousal wherein the vagina expands and elongates. This is the feminine equivalent of having the horn.
"You shouldn't look at me that way - you'll give me the tube!"
by Sir Garence July 25, 2009
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A new music network dedicated to showing music videos and only music videos. There are a few commercial breaks every once in a while for the network's sponsors (About 1 commercial every hour). The best thing to happen to music/mankind ever since MTV became a channel for teen thugs and emo bitches.
The Tube kicks MTV's ass all day long. All. Day. Long.
by fan_of_real_music November 24, 2006
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When someone is so stupid they cannot eat on their own and thus must be fed with the tube.

Derived from a 3am discussion that was about how Russian babies thought to be autistic are given a feeding tube and left on their own.
Adj. Retard, Autist, NPC, Lib Cuck
That bitch is so dumb, give her the tube.

Ricky just said socialism would work, give him the tube.
by Player Character October 26, 2018
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Phrase meaning - Fully reachable through on-line chat, email, and phone. Typically used in an collaborative work setting to denote that you will be out of office, but easily reachable. Originating in the southeast, it may be a derivation stemming from the old office mail suction tubes - "able to be reached through the tubes".
by Bundas April 30, 2013
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Idiot, innocent fool -- particularly a teenager.
Scots origin Glasgow urban slag
"See him he's a pure tube man !"
translates as "That chap is a proper fool"
by Andy MacFadyen January 21, 2004
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