Sex act for those into coprophilia, brown showers or scat play in general. A male defecates/shits into their partners mouth, then while that person holds the still hot shit in their open mouth, the shitter turns around and face-fucks them - pushing the shit both out of their mouth and onto their face and also down their throat. The cock is the plunger for the toilet mouth.
Chris was amazed that Sarah didn’t gag as he did The Toilet Plunger on her shit-filled mouth.
by Eatplayrun December 4, 2019
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when you shit a hefty load in a chicks mouth, then proceed to jam it down her throat with your cock
man: holy shit bro, i had a raging hard on AND had to shit last night, so i gave some bitch a toilet plunger. Friend: sweet dude
by marvin pallet July 30, 2012
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The guy you dated for 5 months, broke up with, then found out was gay.
Girl #1: Did you see your boyfriend wear those skinny white jeans?!

Girl #2: Oh I should have known he was a toilet plunger.
by Lexi Alexandra November 5, 2008
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The use of a toilet plunger handle as a makeshift dildo
I did the "Toilet Plunger" with Susan last night... she said that made my whole week!
by Direwolf December 17, 2022
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