A sexual maneuver where the female partner lays on a flat surface while the male stimulates himself. Directly before reaching the point of ejaculation he launches himself over the woman, leaping through the air, while dropping a barrage of seaman onto her naked body, bombshell-style.
"I done gave her The Starfox, red baron style!"
by Kyle Edelbrock September 6, 2008
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Starfox is a video game that was published by Ariolasoft on their Reaktor label in 1987. This game actually has nothing to do with the actual Star Fox series by Nintendo
by IDTia January 14, 2012
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The act of attempting to stick your penis through your girlfriends nipple rings or "play Starfox" with them.
After a good night of sex we finished off with a rousing game of Starfox.
by Van Stangel February 1, 2006
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The neck pain and stiffness resulting from craning ones neck backwards in order to play Starfox 64 on those elevated TV’s at Wal-Mart in 1997.
The year is 1997, I’m 10 years old and obsessed with Starfox 64. I have an N64, but money is tight and my birthday is months away leaving me no choice but to continue to accompany mom to Wal-Mart so I can play the demo game in the electronics department. She would tell me to meet her at the checkout in 20 minutes, but once I hit the start button, time turned into some arbitrary construct worthy only of being ignored. I was frequently shaken out of my Starfox stupor 3/4th of the way through the story-line to an angry mom and a nasty case of Starfox Neck. Come June, I received my own copy of Starfox 64 and the condition was never experienced again.

I still play StarFox 64 on occasion and it remains one of my favorite games. I have medal’d every level, but accomplished little else worthy of note in my life.
by Darren Besert March 19, 2019
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Starfox is a being who is both a rock ‘star’ and a fox, as in, someone who is highly intelligent and wildly attractive.

These two words in combination are only reserved for the most rocking of rockstars, a title given to whomever lives up to their fullest potential of their celestial rockness selfs.

Adj. - Star fox can also be an adjective to describe mind blowing cool objects.

Starfoxs are often followed by their fleet of more amazing rock gods.
Yo, did you that performance last night? It was so Starfox.

Check out that colorful explosion of an outfit, It’s so Starfox.
by IonStardust February 12, 2021
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