The act of receiving a blowjob, whilst on the toilet, taking a dump. The releasing of the bowels intensifies orgasm.

(Origin: Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth)
One morning I was minding my own business, taking a dump, when Cindy decided to surprise me with The Roth.
by Marcus the Blacksmith August 4, 2007
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A way to describe being screwed or taken advantage of by a financial service company. It is believed to have been derived as a result of many investors getting shafted by a California-based brokerage firm called Roth Capital.
I was rothed by a scumbag broker.
by beauregard September 1, 2012
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To lather one's ball sack with peanut butter before placing it in an unsuspecting victim's mouth.
Greg, I'll drink that shot of Wild Turkey, if you can promise me that Tom won't roth me when I'm passed out later.
by Larry Tiita April 13, 2009
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When you sit way up in your seat whilst in the car, so that you resemble an Ed Roth drawing.
1: "Dude Rothing is badass"
2: "Yeah everyone outside must think we're like eight feet tall"
by puppyscare February 26, 2012
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An amazing, intelligent, and talented male. One, who after consuming copious amounts of whisky, will perform a penguin like dance (often used as a mating dance). Man that is actually rich but lives like a poor college student so as to confuse the gold digging females and keep them away.
Girl did you see that Roth over there? Imma get me one of those.
by Tiny Hats October 3, 2016
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A family name passed down through generations
by claire26 October 19, 2011
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After enjoying a long bout of love- making with your mexican lover, you call the immigration services and have them deported.
gee, i cant beleive you 'rothed' her she won't be able to enter back into the country for weeks!
by sam kaye December 1, 2003
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