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A period of time in 2020 where the Corona Virus (CV19) ravaged the world, forcing the planets inhabitants to self quarantine. During this period, the gold and oil standard of currency was replaced by toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
In history class, we learned about the Rona, and how toilet paper companies came to power.
by Spaynkd April 02, 2020
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Short for the Coronavirus. The term appeared in 2020 during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.
1. Damn, I got the Rona
2. Bitch just got the Rona
by Bacabozza April 04, 2020
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Another word for Novel Coronavirus Or Covid-19. Slang.
โ€œWhew, I thought you were going to tell me you had The Rona.โ€
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colloquial version to describe the illness that causes covid-19.
carlos couldn't make it to the appointment because he caught the 'rona.
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by rich rick July 06, 2020
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Short for Coronavirus a period where price gouging became prevalent throughout the land. Items such as N95 masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and eggs started to become scarce and more than tripled in price. People were forced to stay indoors, wash their hands and not work for weeks. It originated in Wuhan (not to be confused with the Wu-Tang Clan) China in November but did not become public until late December.
Damn! Latoya got the Rona cuz she aint go to the doctor when she had that there dry cough.
by shakiris April 10, 2020
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