Fucking retard faggot ass teenagers being fags like shit fuck off already.
Pointless fighting because teenagers are bored or don't have access to television.
Kaleena "blah blah blah"
Everyone Else "Shut Up with your teenage drama"
by hawly shit November 3, 2008
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teenage drama is basically started by someone who does something for their personal benefit and it hurts someone. it seems like a big fucking deal, and sometimes its, but it could also be the most retarded shit ever. how teenage drama is resolved is when someone who could have a major or minor part in this drama does something so selfless and benefits everyone in the process. teenage drama can be avoided by simply doing nothing and keeping things the way they are.
you hear that naomi, you serioulsy could've avoid all this bull shit teenage drama if you did absolutely fucking nothing
by penis owner November 14, 2022
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