A group of space rocks fighting against the form of society they're homeworld has built.
"We are The Rebellion!"
"It's The Rebellion!"
by KaspersCrisis September 7, 2017
saying FUCK YOU to the world and the government and anything you dont agree with.
The rebellion said "im not going to do that"
by witesk8er May 14, 2007
Something all human beings have the right, and the moral responsibility, to do, if/when their current system of government or society no longer performs legitimate functions. Said right is guaranteed in the United States Constitution and is immortalized in the prose of Thomas Jefferson.
The British taxed us and tried to take our guns...

Bill Clinton and Janet Reno shot people and torched buildings full of people...

The result? American Revolution. Timothy McVeigh. Rebellion.
by militant August 31, 2003
Something people aren't capable of doing anymore. People disagree with the congress and senate that WE VOTED IN, but don't change anything! If you disagree with our government, then get off the couch, and DO SOMETHING! It doesn't have to be violent, it doesn't have to be loud, just DO SOMETHING! BE INSPIRED! If you really love freedom, then why don't you turn off the TV, sober up, maybe take a shower, and live your life without someone telling you what to do!
The reason we have one of the worst governments in the world is because no one has bothered to do something. We need to stand up, and do things together. Real rebellion is change, not war.
by SKYDIVE September 10, 2011
When your bedtime is 8:30 but you stay up until 8:37. For more details: Ask Bella
She asked me to close the door, but in my rebellionness I decided to take 5 minutes to slowly close the door.
by QueenTacoBella March 9, 2019
Soon-to-be conformity when enough individuals do it.
Teenage rebellion is a fucking joke, because EVERY adolescent is either a Goth, geek, wigger, wanksta, fag, jock, trendie, teenybopper, or mallrat.
by AYB June 24, 2003
Rebellion is a daph-n-ie.
" Stop you're such a rebellion daphnie "
by coaster hand April 15, 2021