Another way of expressing laughter in Spanish, like ha ha ha or ja ja ja.
It's hilarious, Qua qua qua
by Da Guv'nor December 26, 2012
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An idiot or a person that does dumb things
That qua qua ran into a tree
by TrueliveGangsper November 5, 2019
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Noun (person / thing / idea; whichever you choose)
1. "Gangstaa" female, one who would snap in your face in zig-zag motions making exxagerated head-bopping movenents.
2. Someone who would bitch at you for looking at them the wrong way, or for any other reason and then say "hol mah earrrings!"
3. A "White Qua - Qua" refers to a white person (female) who thinks that she is black and most likely ghetto because ignint people thing that that's cool.
Shaniqua, Latiqua, Bonifa Latiphah Sherrofah, Chlamydia, .......The Qua - Qua got her herr did.
by Mackenzie N August 25, 2006
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the act of behaving, dressing, or being gay.
that guy with the pink button up and the lip gloss is acting qua qua
by qaadir October 11, 2005
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the magical sound of mystical wizards
ariel: i'm soo bored!!!
audrey: me too. i wish nanners was here.
athena: SO DO I! he's sooo swave i can barely stand it.
jackie: i'll make nanners appear! QUA QUA!
*nanners appears*
by JACKIEISC0R3 February 22, 2009
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A god among men, He is the saviour of our souls and those who shall not follow Quamentallity shalt be dammed and go to hell
Qua is god
by Raj - I luv curry May 30, 2021
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by Logntheseal February 28, 2018
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