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(Bon-e-fa) Describes a person as thick and juicy, has a healty abundance of fat and lard in all the right places. Most "Bonifa(s)" are on a strict diet of corned beef, melty curd caserole, corn cob, creamed corn, and corn loaf. Most "Bonifa(s)" have a large black afro and like to dance to groovey music. Another name for a "Bonifa" is "Loafis", refering to the fact that their large afro resembeles a loaf. Most persons who are referred to as a "Bonifa" smell of tuna cakes and provalone cheese.
Kelby: Hey, Cara did you meet that new girl named Chisel with the afro in our history class?

Cara:Yeah, i did! She is such a Bonifa, she totally reeks or tuna cakes!
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