A process in which you take one hand and repeatedly peck a girl's butthole only using your five fingers in a beak-like configuration. After a couple seconds you proceed to peck her face with the same fingers you just used on her butthole. Then you tell her to get the fuck out of your rack. The whole process must be done in a timely fashion, preferably under 60 seconds.
"That one girl hasn't come back since I gave her The Pecker last year."
by LemonSnider February 09, 2014
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A female who has lost her virginity.
Cynthia is quite boastful, now that she has been peckerized by the entire football team.
by Chili2 March 10, 2016
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a dick. What more do you want me to say?
Also a person who pecks. Go figure.
I used my pecker to peck at my wife's vagina. I eventually fucked her good.
by Just saying the truth October 09, 2003
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1-decorations and party favors pertaining to and resembling the male penis.

2-any outfit or accessory used to dress up and decorate the male penis.
Wow Holly, you sure went all out finding all the right peckerations for Jane's bachelorette party. The penis straws
big Johnson piñata and the dick nose you got are quite fantastic.

I just love that fire breathing dragon cock sock you got for your man.
by rbilt February 17, 2011
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Penis, if you don't know what a penis is you are to young to be on this site.
john can lick his own pecker, he should be an yoga instructor.
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UK Usage...

this is one of those *funky* double entendres that I absolutely love... In the UK, pecker does not mean a dick. )It's used in the expression "keep your pecker up", which means "cheer up!"
"Keep your pecker up, dude! Everything's gonna be ok". In the US, I guess, that will mean "Get a hard on now, dude" (lol)
by Koocachoo August 10, 2004
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