This is the only private school in the Baltimore County to Baltimore area that isn't snobby. We may be somewhat rich but we don't act like it at all. Were not like Saint Pauls which is a school that if you don't LAX you will pretty much be shunned. If you don't pop up your collar on your Neon Green or Pink Ralph Lauren polo with a seashell necklace with a shark tooth on it you will be shunned even more. Now to Boy's Latin which is pretty much the same. Same thing with Loyola but a little less. Gilman same but less but since they are exceptionally snobby they are at the Saint Paul level. Not to hark on these schools but if you didn't go to those schools you would or should i should say make fun of the school your at now even if you leave it you still will. I think everyone should think that everything that i have just said is true and that you probably think it is about your exact school but since you have to stand up for your school you have to disagree. I don't mean to hate but it's true. And if your not like the majority stereotypical people that go to these schools then thank you.
SP guy: Oh hey i forgot to bring my laxer stick.
BL guy: Oh fuckin shit cum (I think cussing sounds and is cool! hehe) i forgot it to!

I didn't include Mcdonough because i don't really know that school but it seems decent. The Park School of Baltimore is kick-ass!
by WillJD May 27, 2011
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