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A nickname associated with the National Football League team, the Green Bay Packers. The name is used more so by reporters as well as other football fans whose team plays against the Packers.

It is another nickname for the team as oppose to Cheeseheads.
ESPN reporter: The Pack get a huge win tonight against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.
by aposner June 06, 2013
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The Pack is a rap group from Berkeley, California. The Pack is 4 guys; Lil Uno, Young L, Young $tunna, and B.
Their nationwide hit song is "Vans" which is about the skate shoes that Mac Dre wore and apparently what 'real niggas wear'. It stresses how you can score ladies and how you can still be a 'G' if you wear slips ons.
If I was hanging out with the pack, I would wear my topsiders to get my grown-man on.

"Got my vans on but they look like sneakas
where coke whites but my vans look cleaner"
by [e.99]Miracle August 22, 2006
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Codename for a group of niggers. They travel together, do stupid shit together, and act like thugs together, kind of like a pack of wolves. Usually seen at their local high school skipping class, at the mall, in their hood, or somewhere that they can cause trouble. They wear Nike shoes, baggy pants, snapbacks, and some kind of t shirt that is big on them.
Austin: The pack is here.
Donovan: Oh here they come.
Several packs walk past our gym class everyday. They usually have nothing better to do.
by DeltaFox January 05, 2013
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An elite group of five hot women who take risks, get bitches, and drink cream soda, all while looking splendidly bodacious.
"Wow see those girls?! They're almost as cool as The Pack!"
by The Pack September 23, 2015
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the largest, most glorious piece of equiptment ever made

created with the purpose of holding "bitches and hoes"

also contains many useful items used throughout the day

owned and operated by the ever powerful lil citti
"EW, did you see that girl? She best get in the pack."
"You need a calculator? Hold on, I think there's one in the pack."
by spillenblood July 10, 2008
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