A nickname associated with the National Football League team, the Green Bay Packers. The name is used more so by reporters as well as other football fans whose team plays against the Packers.

It is another nickname for the team as oppose to Cheeseheads.
ESPN reporter: The Pack get a huge win tonight against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.
by aposner June 6, 2013
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An elite group of five hot women who take risks, get bitches, and drink cream soda, all while looking splendidly bodacious.
"Wow see those girls?! They're almost as cool as The Pack!"
by The Pack August 16, 2015
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This is the phrase announced in an awkward situation. The person that feels awkward yells pack pack and runs out of the room or area.

He or she may not come back for 30 minutes to give the full effect of pack pack.

very effective
Jim: Hey...um, I rlly like u...

pack packer: PACK PACK!!!!!

(runs away)
by bunnymuncher May 6, 2010
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Packing, also known as roasting, is a game where two or more people strangely roast each other in a voice call for entertainment with loud or low microphones. Points are given by judges or votes of the audience. The funniest jokes will determine how you're scored by the judges and the audience. Packing usually takes place on discord.

Key tips for winning a packing match
1. Last until the packing session is over
2. Pack until the other opponent leaves
3. Entertain the judges or the audience more than the opponent did (Funny Jokes)
Thizzkid: "Hey are you in that packing discord server named Thizz?"
Leg: "Yeah Marski and Jay just got done packing Wolfgang in an all-out packing session LMAOOO"
by thethizzkid December 14, 2020
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To relentlessly insult somebody with absolutely no mercy. Usually consists of similar insults, but rarely any ever reused. Packing style insults almost never have any relation to anything, and are pulled out of their ass.
Dude 1: Yo man what's up

Dude 2: Yo shut the fuck up idiot

Dude 1: Nah bro I'm gonna pack you for that

Dude 2: You won't

Dude 1: Dumbass boy look at your hairline lets see how many fingers it can fit, fuck wrong with you boy I walked in on you jerking off with a Thanos gauntlet on to fucking Veggie Tales bitch ass boy look at you fuckin eyebrows boomerang lookin ass boy I walked in on your Grandma being butt fucked by a gang of fifteen cockroaches all dressed in suits and top hats with coconuts on their titties singing "awinga bae awinga bae aaa" bitch ass boy tell me why your grandpa lost a 7 hour staring contest to a fucking handicapped parking space bitch ass boy your mom shoves hotwheels up her asshole at 3am and calls it "THE THUNDERDOME" fuck wrong with you boy you sit in the sauna with a windbreaker on for fun fuck wrong with you boy tell me why your grandpa's crusty ass pussy looks like it got snapped away by Thanos bitch ass boy tell me why you look like fucking Barney The Dinosaur if he had 23 chromosomes bitch ass boy ugly ass.

Guy 2: How the fuck did you say that all in 12 seconds without stuttering
by Neoshrimp May 12, 2022
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