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Someone who doesn't fit in at all. A lot of people think outcasts are phsycho, and that they are freaks. BUT THEY ARE NOT! Most outcasts are truely unique people. They usually are not your average Joe. They are much more. They have "IT", and most people don't have "IT". So when people experience someone with "IT", they are not used to the feeling the outcast gives them. So they are really mean to someone who has God's gift. Most people are trashing an outcasts unique gift, and this is why our society is falling apart.

Outcasts are usually the nicest people EVER. And it is a shame how some people treat them. They don't have a lot of friends (or none at all), because most of the time people see different and unique as really weird. So they think that the outcast is weird even though they are special. Outcasts usually don't ever go on dates, because they are too nervous to talk to who they like. And then that person they like thinks that the outcast has no interest in them. But really that person almost means the world to the outcast, and it's too bad that these unique people don't go on dates more often. Also, outcasts usually get really nervous in front of others, and they don't talk a lot because of that. And as sad result, people think that there is something wrong with the outcast, so they stay away from the outcast. And usually outcasts don't start up conversations because they are in their own world. Which is something wonderful about them. AND ONE DAY THEY WILL BE REALLY SUCCESSFUL. Outcasts are usually the most wonderful people out there, and it's sad to think that nobody appreciates their beauty.

SUMMARY: An outcast is a person who doesn't fit in because they are more unique and gifted than others, and the others don't appreciate that, even though the outcast is the nicest person you can ever imagine.

So when you see an outcast, do me a favor and go holla at da young playa fo me.

Dat outcast is such a nice and special person, WHY DOESN'T ANYONE APPRECIATE DAT?

When most people see someone special, they get jealous and trash the beauty of god's gift in the outcast.

Adult who was once popular's thoughts:

"Dat outcast, I remember him, poor guy didn't even have one friend, and now he is a hip-hop legend."
by DaOutcastOfRenton August 10, 2007

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