"The Nod" is an act of recognition and respect that is accomplished by raising and lowering your head (nodding)when you see an acquaintance in a public place and you want to show respect for their presence.
In the Movie "Groove" (2000) the guys that run the rave dont do it for money.... they do it for "The Nod."
by Archeo Bob December 16, 2009
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The nod is commonly used when a black person sees another black person. It's like saying, "I see you!" It's just a simple way of saying hi to someone.
When you see someone you know you would do the the nod and then go, "hey man!" or, "hey girl!"
by imblacksodealwithit October 27, 2019
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The nod is an action one partakes in if someone is being a dumbass. The person sends the nod by nodding to another person that is in a convenient location near the dumbass. Upon recieving the nod, it is only appropriate to punch the dumbass as hard as you can.
Sean was singing a retarded song so Nate gave Jim the nod. Jim punched Sean square in the chest; Sean never sang that song again.
by OddJob517 July 10, 2005
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a greeting exchanged between strangers who recognize each other as being queers; you recognize the other person as queer and give them "the nod"
Queer A: "I saw these two dyke-alikes today - same outfits, haircuts, everything."
Queer B: "Did you talk to them?"
Queer A: "Nah, I just gave them the nod."
by lucky wendy July 28, 2005
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(Verb) Oftentimes the condition or state of being a person wishes to attain, and usually does whenever the sufficient amount of opiates are consumed. Successful attainment will include eyes closed and head titled slightly down. In its most extreme form this writer has seen a person practically folded in half while standing upright as if they were touching their toes.
Grant doesn't have a single pair of pants that do not have cigarette burns on the legs. Every time he gets on the nod he will light a cigarette, then he'll closes his eyes and he doesn't come to or snap out of it until the cigarette burns up and burns a hole in his pants.
by Nikki Stixx July 21, 2020
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the dream state that opiate users and heroin addicts experience with their drug
This dope is wild; it had me "on the nod" all day today.
by Fred Sailer November 03, 2006
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