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One of the best novels ever written.

It was written in German by Michael Ende, first published in 1979, and adapted into a movie in 1984.
Gary: I remember seeing "The Neverending Story" when I

was a child. It completely blew my mind! I always

dreamed of going to Fantasia...

John: That trash is a disgrace! Once you have read the

book you will never be the same again. And by the

way, fuckwit, it's Fantastica, not Fantasia!
by Fantastica February 27, 2010
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A 1984 movie about a kid named Bastian that, after being chased by bullies, runs into a book store and steals a book entitled "The Neverending Story". He becomes immersed in the book, and starts thinking and feeling the same things as the book's main character, Atreyu. In the book, a terrible swarm of 'nothingness' is taking over -- destroying the world and leaving a big empty space. Atreyu is sent to find a cure for this 'nothing' to save the Childlike Empress. In the end, however, it is only Bastian that can save the world inside The Neverending Story.
The Neverending Story is pretty kickass.
by Ari-Len August 11, 2005
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A film series that ended. So much for living up to it's name.
The Neverending Story ended.
by UDLoser February 28, 2009
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While defecating, the long strand of crap continues to flow out from the body in an almost non-ending way, hence the name - The Neverending Story
Hey man, last night I had a The Neverending Story, I was on the crapper for almost two hours last night.
by PirateSteve September 15, 2009
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