A home made device used for smoking the mary jane.

-consists of a 2 liter bottle cut off at the bottom ring, a metal bowl, and a breadbag. The breadbag is taped around the cut end of the 2 liter and sucked into the bottle so it is airtight. The metal bowl is placed in the bottle cap and screwed on. One then lights the bowl while another pulles the bag out from inside the 2 liter creating suction.
Ill give anyone all my beer if they can clear the lung in one hit! (cant be done)
by Wild Turkey 101 October 10, 2007
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A very crude smoking device very similar in concept to the Bucket/GravityBong or a waterfall designed for smoking cannabis.
As cannabis is not water soluble and nicotine (+ many other none cannabinoids) is it is advisable to always smoke cannabis by pulling it through water. In many situations this is not available (prison , outdoors etc) and the user has to turn to something like a Lung to get the job done.
Usually a lung is made from a plastic bottle 2lt or larger with the bottom cut off and a plastic bag taped taped to the bottom of the bottle in its place. If the bag is airtight it is pushed upwards inside the bottle and a head (13ml socket set + gauze) is placed into the top of the bottle then filled with whatever the user is smoking.
The inflation of the lung is usually a co-operative process involving 2-3 people as the bottle needs to be held upright to stop the head from falling out while the bag is pulled from the bottom into an inflated position while a lighter is held over the top of the head to light the smoking material. The action of manually inflating the lung draws large amounts of air into the the plastic bottle filling the plastic bag. The smoker then has to remove the head (ouch its hot >.< ) and attempt to suck the entire contents of the bag into their lungs.
(though it can be operated by a single person by attaching the bottom of the bag to the floor or by standing on it)
Because of the the amount of smoke inside the bag is very large the user has to breath in very deeply to empty the bag in one go. This has the added effect of drawing smoke into parts of the lungs that normal smoking doesnt necessarily reach which results in a much higher level of THC absorption that a user is may be used to. Also the deep breathing can cause a certain amount of hyperventilation raising the users blood pressure making them somewhat dizzy. Put those together with the fact that most people using a lung are 'smoking noobs' and have a very low tolerance to THC in the first place the end result is usually an extremely potent high.
I have no idea what breathing the burning plastic made by the hot ashes from the head hitting the inside of the plastic bag as its inflated does to your lungs O_o.
"but there's no water for the bong dude.."
"Fuck it! well have to make a lung instead i guess"
"what with?"
"A plastic bag, some tape and...the bong...."
"Fuck you asshole!! your not cutting the bottom off my bong!"
"well how else we gonna get fucked up Einstein?"
".....fuck it! OK... but your not using my moms scissors she'll kill me.."
*cut* *snip* *cut*
"Jesus dude whats that smell? When was the last time you cleaned out your bong!??..."
"errr...when i made it? Shit! don't put it on the carpet you idiot my mom will fucking freak!"
"you twat!"

by Sn0wy November 28, 2006
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MOM- "glenn, look at the lungs on that girl, i bet she cant see her feet
Son- "MOM!!"
by whymanwhy February 29, 2004
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a thing used to smoke weed. you cut a 2 liter pop bottle in half and tape a bread bag to the bottom. where the cap would be you make a bowl out of tinfoil.

it is used by putting the bag up inside the bottle and lighting the weed in the bowl, while you are lighting you pull the bag down, causing suction, while doing fills the lung with smoke.

Lungs get you very fucking stoned.
i used a lung yesterday after school and was the most stoned i've been in a long time.
by diseased sheep May 28, 2006
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The word lunge comes across as an inoccent and fairly boring word. However, it contains dark, sexual and seductive meaning to it and can be used in attempts to mate/flirt.
Emma: Sarah, what are you doing tonight?
Sarah: I'm going to lunge..all night long.
by Mister Emma January 15, 2009
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A form of bong other than the bucket, waterfall or bottle amongst many others. The lung is primarily made of a slightly adjusted two-litre soda bottle and a plastic bag, and gives a good excuse to look cool by saying lung 'bung' instead of lung bong.
'Someone fetch me my lung bung!'
by Pseudonymous December 13, 2003
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Can be defined as an attempt to hook up with someone.
Did you see that chick! Man I'd like to take a lunge at her.
by Yorko & Biddens February 20, 2008
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