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The word lunge comes across as an inoccent and fairly boring word. However, it contains dark, sexual and seductive meaning to it and can be used in attempts to mate/flirt.
Emma: Sarah, what are you doing tonight?
Sarah: I'm going to lunge..all night long.
by Mister Emma January 15, 2009
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Can be defined as an attempt to hook up with someone.
Did you see that chick! Man I'd like to take a lunge at her.
by Yorko & Biddens February 20, 2008
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A "dance move" commonly used by actress Kerry Ellis. The move was often used in We Will Rock You the musical, where she played the role of Meat. Lunge moves can be seen in the dance routine for the song "Headlong"
by elphie September 05, 2008
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A forfeit for a lost bet or other similar circumstance whereby the loser must approach a RANDOM member of the opposite sex (or same sex if thats how you swing) and kiss (snog, make out etc) them without conversation
Bill - Hey ben i bet you 2 Lunges tonight that Chelsea beat Man U

Ben - Your on mate
by LungeMaster December 29, 2009
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A game. Basically, it's like long jump but with a few notable exceptions:

- you're naked
- you have an erection
- there's a brick wall instead of a sand pit

Running full pelt, you simply leap 3-4m before the wall whilst thrusting your pelvis forwards so that your erect penis takes the initial contact. The winner is anyone who can manage to do this more than once
I played lunge last week and won. Now I can't have children. Or walk
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Something you do when you would like to party and work out at the same time.
When we got to the liquor store, I lunged to the vodka.
by TDealDblG April 29, 2009
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