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We goin down to The Lou real quick you comin?
by AzaJP August 18, 2005
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Hip name for the city of St. Louis
Meet me in The Lou. Where you went to high school seems to be important in The Lou. Cardinals rule in The Lou.
by dansey November 14, 2007
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Lou Lou is only the most wonderful, amazing person you will ever meet! (If you are lucky enough to meet her...)
1. I wish I was Lou Lou.
2. I wish I could be like Lou Lou.
3. I wish I was as beautiful as Lou Lou.
4. I wish I was as smart as Lou Lou.

by Ghosty Spirity Faerie May 30, 2006
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Lou is a man with a lot of mysteries and one great licker as some experts have tested there tounge. Lou Lou is normally a male but likes to associate with the female sex.
Ohhh Lou Lou is a good licker
by Marley and Me April 19, 2020
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Lou-Lou means a very spirited and crazy girl with a whole heck of a lot of energy and ambition. She would give you the shirt off her back and maybe a back rub.
That Lou-Lou always makes me feel joyous and fun.
by Snow Ski Bunny December 22, 2016
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French slang for 'gangsta', 'thug', or 'hood'. usually used in a good way
by Zaninia January 6, 2008
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Also known as Lauren, Lou Lou is an edgy mother fucker who will create your instagram captions for a good price. Lou Lou is also one of the best people u will ever meet. Lou Lou isn’t a member of the traffic cone army even though has been asked to join multiple times. Lou’s husband looks like a fish though she strongly denies it. Most text messages received by Lou Lou LoOk lIkE tHis As Lou Is A meMe lOrd.
Person 1: who is that emo kid in the corner about to shoot up the school?
Person 2: oh that’s just Lou Lou
by Traffic cone army April 29, 2019
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