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The final meal of the week preceding a weekend of complete shwastedness usually occurring on a thursday evening.
Owen: Casey, what are we doing tonight?

Casey: I don't know. Its Thursday night and i just got done with the Pittsburgh Dump Truck. Wanna go eat The Last Supper?

Owen: I was hoping you'd say that cause I've got some chickenheads that are hurtin' for a squirtin'.
by teddy grahams February 26, 2009
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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When a girl is giving you head, and as you cum you snap her neck.
"what happened to your girlfriend Katie? OH her? Shes dead, i gave her the last supper.
by Travis Thompson AKA nast fish November 08, 2010
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the result of when a priest goes balls deep in a small boy's throat, blasting his stomach with a load of skeet and not pulling out until the boy passes out.
Altar boy: why is that boy passed out on the pew?
Father McRibbonjizz: his penance was the last supper
by McRibbonjizz May 12, 2016
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The last time you eat before your holidays are over. This is normally the time that realise that you haven’t done some work or forgot to get your hair cut or anything else that needs to be done before returning to school, work or uni ect. This time is the last resort time, when everything that needs to be done is done as soon as possible and as fast as possible. It came from the original β€œLast Supper” the time when Jesus was having his last meal with his people before being crucified, but has been changed for the common person
Whilst eating dinner:
Example One:" Oh crap it’s the last supper, I have to get this report done or my boss will kill me"
Example Two:" Shit, look at the length of my hair, and it’s the last supper, ill never get it cut by tomorrow, ill be in trouble for sure."
by Master Apps January 29, 2006
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When you find out your girl has been cheating on you, right before you break up with her, you make her give u a nice long blowjob... and make sure she swallows the cum. This is known as the last supper.
Phil: "Hey bob I heard your girl is cheating on you"

Bob: "Yeah Im about to give her the last supper"
by AliasJim March 02, 2012
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Sexual Move. When a girl deep-throats the whole thing and gets your balls in there whilst she tongues your ass.
"The Last Supper" see definition;
by ze dylio February 09, 2011
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