A drink made of Maraschino Cherries and its juice, Cranberry/Raspberry juice, Sprite Zero and just a hint of red wine.
The Kyle I had last night was crazy delicious, yaddidi?
by madeNchina January 4, 2007
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A Kyle is a young white man of low socio economic standing with a propensity to drink large quantities of Monster energy drink and do dumb shit like punch holes in walls.
Kyle: *Quits low paid job because boss "dissed him", drinks energy drink and punches hole in wall*
Guy: "You're such a Kyle"
Kyle: "Shuddup, faggot"
by Chodoboy200 July 23, 2019
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Best Girlfriend ever, will make you laugh even when your in the worst mood possible, smart but not too smart, nice, and thinks she's ugly and trash but she's not
Oh hi Kylee
by MTMilla April 21, 2017
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Kylee is a hot girl. She can be short . But don't tall guys like shorter girls? She gives out relationship advice when she's still single while her friends are all taken cause of her. She is a sporty shorty! She is a pretty girl who would be known to have her life already planned out. She is a cool person to hang out around. She often hinds her personality but puts out as much as she can handle. She doesn't put up with stupid people who argue with her. She is a loyal girlfriend and will always be a good supporter
by Whatupgirls June 2, 2016
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This is one of the most outgoing, beautiful, funny, kind etc. Theres not enough words to describe how great a friend and a girlfriend at that fact. She is not only a great person but a better friend.
"Kylee is th at one of a kind girl, you should be with her."
by Dylan Schanck March 13, 2017
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Kylee is a wonderful girl. she doesn't smile much but when she does it makes you want too. she is normally short. she thinks she needs to lose weight but she doesn't. she doesn't want to be touched most of the time. but if she comes to you hug her and never let her go. she is a little curvy but not overweight. she is a very people oriented person. she lets people walk over her most of the time because she does not want any confrontation. she is a peace maker. of but don't make her made cause she has a older sister who will kill anyone that hurts her. She has been hurt many times in her life, but she never gives up. normally she has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes, and when she looks at you just want to protect her always. don't lose her trust cause shell probably forgive you and take you back even if she shouldn't. she is love. she gets hurt easy but she loves hard. she's been hurt a lot in her life but she trying to keep moving forward. she probably has anxiety and depression(but who doesn't these days). don't let her go. if you push her too far she will let you go. she will probably still cry over you not being around any more. but she knows when shes better off without certain people. she doesn't like sharing her feeling with people cause she feels they will betray her or because she doesn't want to burden someone else with her problem. love her. cherish her. never hurt her. her big sister and brother will kill you if you do.
Wow is that kylee? ya isn't she amazing!
by Brokenheartedlittlegirl February 3, 2020
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Very outgoing. a good friend to rely on in times of need. very trust worthy and fun. Nobody loves trouble as much as Kylee. The best mother fucking friend ever. Clearly the most rediculously awesome person ever. You just dont get more awesome than Kylee . An extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people, very smart and caring, athletic and surprising at everything she does. She can make anybody laugh and loves to smile. The worlds greatest girlfriend. She has a smile that can brighten anyones day and eyes that you can stare in forever. She has the biggest heart is not like any other. She's amazing. She has friends that are incredible. She's so much fun and likes to take risks. A Kylee is when somebody is always doing something that you never expect or that is random, and dorky you just can't help but to laugh. A kylee also has a keen sense of music and never fails to listen to the best of the best. A kylee is the kinda girl you wish you could Marry 10 years down the road.
yea told you, cant compare to a Kylee
by Russy JJ September 21, 2011
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