A small town hovering above Idaho that makes sure to keep all the goblins in KOP jail. KOP is a very cool place and is always safe. KOP's national harvest are potatoes. KOP speak a language named KOPISH that involve the word KOP and hand movements.
by ATrashyWeirdo June 18, 2017
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The name of a football grandstand at Anfield, Liverpool.

Built in 1994, the all seater stand is often incorrectly referred to as the greatest stand in Britain.
Wool: The Kop is the greatest stand in the world, no other crowd can create an atmosphere like Liverpool fans on the Kop can.

Scouser: The old Spion Kop was the greatest football terrace in the world, the new Kop is a soulless piece of garbage filled with wools and tourists.
by UL1690 November 4, 2009
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The BCO term for "cop." Used primarily in the Men's Fashion threads, though sometimes the ladies aux uses it in the rare event one of them decides to not be such a cheap hoe and purchases something nice
Mike Nouveau: Kopped some Augustas
Mike Tyson: Nice! Can't wait to kop these puppies (posts a photo of pants followed by a 3000 word essay.)
by bcoroxy January 18, 2011
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Term used by Philly-area locals for King of Prussia mall or the town/area.
The traffic in KOP is always a nightmare at rush hour because of the mall and office parks combined with the plethora of highways.
by someone18 September 9, 2006
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KOP stands for 'King Of Pop', in reference to the entertainer Michael Jackson.

It is a misconception that the title of KOP is self-proclaimed. Elizabeth Taylor publicly coined the phrase first when presenting Michael with an award in 1989, calling him the "true king of pop, rock and soul".
MJ was such a PYT, and the one and only KOP.
by Phalio March 31, 2009
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