Farting in a rag and putting it over someones face.
Kevin was known for applying The Kidnapper to his friends by farting in a rag and covering there face till they..........Well, you get the rest.
by The Kidnapper November 5, 2006
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Someone who steal people and keeps them in their basement for future use. Generally ugly and lacking swag and can't get their own girls so they have to steal them.
girl 1: I'm afraid ryan might be the stalker who is going to kidnap me

girl 2: No way, he is too handsome, sexy, and has too much swag to be a kidnapper
by hppn8 December 22, 2011
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A person that makes kids take naps
Parent: My kid isn't taking their naps
Person: You need to hire a kidnapper
by Krabban6969 August 23, 2020
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Kidnapper/s is a cop/The Police they will take you away for anything. They work for the government. Can find them in blue or balck sometimes in tan or dumbass reflective gear depending on where you live Most drive the same cars. Some pretend not to be. the Police is the biggest gang in the world. They (kidnap) people, kill people and jump and rob people, watch out for the police/cops/kidnapper's
Man them kidnapper/s are coming
by KIDLOST April 2, 2020
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A beat-up white van, usually a Ford Econoline, and often with no side-rear windows.
I always worry about what innocent people could be tied up in the back of all the kidnapper vans I see on the highways.
by mclmal24 March 26, 2010
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N. A vechile that is able to hold three or more bodies in it's trunk in the event of committing a kidnapping or needing to take hostages. A trunk that would hold any less would be considered a Kidnapper's Double or Single.
Tom: Check out all the space in the trunk of my new car.
Joe: Dude, for a small car thats at least a Kidnapper's Double.
Tom: If I take out the spare tire, its a Kidnapper's Deluxe.
by Silentwatch February 10, 2008
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While having intercourse in the doggy position. When your about to blow it, you grab a dirty sock, pull out, put your homemade chloroform on the sock, then grab her by the hair and hold the sock against her mouth and nose. If your looking for a ransom then video tape it and threaten to show it to her rich daddy.
Last night I did the dirty kidnapper to a chick and threatened her with the video. Looks like Ill be getting laid a lil more often.
by PinkPanther32 August 11, 2011
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