When one person lays on their back (supine) on a table, or other flat surface with their head slightly tilted back (hyperextended),(much like if you were tea bagging). The male then does a tongue jaw lift and then inserts their cock and balls ( penis and testacies) through the mouth (oral pharynx) into the wind pipe (trachea), or as far as it will reach.
Did you see Martin EZ give that chick the Intubator? She took it rather well don’t you think?
Did you see Rikki Tikki get the Intubator? That shit was wack yo!
Rey-Rey gave the Intubator to that chubby slut.
Shaker gave that bitch a shitty Intubator… He went to the wrong hole.
by TokRa July 12, 2008
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While someone is sucking your cock, you let go of a massive, stinky fart. The cock-sucker is then forced to try to breathe through their mouth (therefore through your cock), rather than their nose.
I was super relaxed and let one go. I ended up having to intubate her!
by FrogSack October 3, 2014
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the art of a female in the medical field giving a deep-throated blowjob
a deep throat blowjob similar to intubating.
my girl loves penile intubation.
by b--low July 25, 2006
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